For high school seniors graduating this spring and going on to college in the fall.

2024年7月14日星期六- 7月27日星期六*
*Classes will be held on Friday and residence halls will close at noon on Saturday the 29th.





我们的暑期大学准备计划, 面向即将上大学的高中毕业生, is all about preparation—through practice and exposure—for that crucial first semester of college. It is also about understanding the changing role of a high school student to a college student. Even the most high-achieving students often face unanticipated difficulties in their first semester of college possibly putting them at risk for failure or struggle. 问题往往不是由于缺乏学术能力而产生的, 而是从大学环境中所要求的独立性的巨大飞跃.


  • 学会阐明需要注意的个人学习问题
  • Identify the specific supports and accommodations they’ll need in college—and how to access them
  • 体验一门典型的大学水平的入门课
  • Learn and practice self-advocacy skills they’ll need to navigate through their freshman year
  • 运用组织能力, 有用的习惯, and useful behaviors needed to succeed at college—and identify problem habits and behaviors that might surface during their first year
  • 开始从青少年过渡到年轻人的过程

Students are immersed in a living/learning experience that offers a real “taste” of college life and the college-level work they will encounter in the fall. They develop a clear understanding of their personal learning strengths and needs, and discover how resources and self-advocacy can support their success in college. This preview of college life can help to alleviate anxiety and foster teh confidence needed as students encounter the new demands of college.

Students who struggle with social anxiety and have difficulty making friends have the option of participating in social support activities, 包括社会实践研讨会和学生事务活动. Resident assistants are available as peer mentors to provide information about activities and to help students feel connected to the Landmark community.

注意:为了进入这个项目, students must provide a letter of admission to a four-year college or university. 诊断的学习障碍不需要参加这个项目.



在为期两周的课程中,学生将学习三门课程. 在一起, students will participate in the core lecture course designed to introduce them to college-level course expectations, 例如:

  • 通过识别受众、偏见、目的、语气和逻辑来检查观点.
  • 生成作者观点的优点和缺点.
  • Defend a position on a topic by identifying and articulating evidence and defense.
  • Apply 批判阅读 and thinking approaches to demonstrate comprehension of assigned topics and 阅读s.
  • Apply notetaking skills to practice lectures including note review and revision.
  • Write brief summaries of 阅读s that apply the skills introduced in College Writing.
  • 通过讨论和写作参与学术对话.

每个学生还将学习大学写作和执行功能 & Study Skills, where they will put into practice the skills and strategies from the lecture course.


  • Helping students to understand the difference in expectations of high school level and collegiate level 写作 (summarization vs. 机)
  • 探索完成学术研究论文的各种方法
  • 介绍学术写作的有效组织策略
  • 查找、使用和引用学术资料
  • 审查修订和编辑过程


  • 使用计划/日程安排来组织和管理时间.
  • Organize course materials using a system, for example, the Master Notebook system.
  • 对不同的阅读材料运用笔记和修改笔记的技巧, 课堂讨论, 以及课堂讲座.
  • 将主动阅读的过程应用于各种材料.
  • 利用课程笔记和主动阅读来备考.
  • 检查与计划相关的执行功能行为, 优先级, 生产, 以及任务的执行.
  • 使用自我辩护技巧来引导学术, 住宅, 以及他们大一经历中的社会因素.

A fourth class period is built into the daily schedule to allow each student an opportunity for small group advising meetings.

每节课一小时,周一至周五. 在项目的最后一天,学生们将进行自我宣传面试. Students prepare for these interviews as part of the Reading and Study Skills course.

经济援助是可用的,并在接受后颁发. 经济援助申请以先到先得的方式进行审查. 我们鼓励家长提交一份 申请经济资助 早期.

“我很感激Landmark教职员工的善良和同情心. 他们“理解”这些孩子——他们理解他们. 夏季过渡项目是为“真正的事情”做准备.’ My objectives were met: giving my son a taste of independent living in a college-like atmosphere.”
“感谢你们所有人对我们女儿的指导. 她的经验和她在Landmark获得的工具将对她很有帮助. 我期待着看着她继续成长、学习和绽放.”
“This program helped my son get a better handle on the work required at the college level. 到目前为止,在大学还不错! 他觉得自己已经准备好接受教授们抛给他的任何问题. 谢谢你给我的美好体验!”
“Our son benefited very much having a dress rehearsal of what he might experience his freshman year and learning about advocating for his accommodations. 这给了他信心,他已经为上大学做好了准备. 这让我们对他离开家感觉好点了. It was a reminder that he’s continuing to grow and achieve in spite of learning differences and personality differences.”
“课程结束时的反馈非常有帮助,让人放心!! 我们的儿子还告诉我们他这个夏天的所有伟大的经历. 我们将永远感激你。”
“Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the Summer College Readiness program. 我期待着把我学到的东西带到大学里去. 这改变了我的生活.”

This is a list of the colleges/universities that the Summer College Readiness students were accepted to:

  • 宾厄姆顿大学
  • 加州大学洪堡分校
  • 克拉克大学
  • 大学交流
  • 咖喱大学
  • 学院院长
  • 丹尼森大学
  • 伊士曼音乐学院
  • 费尔利·狄金森大学
  • 费里斯州立大学
  • 菲奇堡州立大学
  • 佛罗里达州立大学
  • 古彻学院
  • 国际人民学院
  • 马里斯特学院
  • 密歇根州立大学
  • 米德尔塞克斯社区学院
  • 摩根州立大学
  • 瑞米伦贝格大学
  • 诺威奇大学
  • 欧柏林大学
  • 佩斯大学
  • 圣路易斯大学
  • 索尔里贾纳大学
  • 萨拉劳伦斯学院
  • 南新罕布什尔大学
  • 纽约州立大学新帕尔茨分校
  • 天普大学
  • 中佛罗里达大学
  • 康涅狄格大学
  • 丹佛大学
  • 哈特福德大学
  • 伊利诺伊大学
  • 麻省大学洛厄尔分校
  • 新罕布什尔大学
  • 马里兰圣母大学
  • 南加州大学
  • 佛蒙特大学
  • 韦伯斯特大学
  • 西华盛顿大学
  • 韦斯特菲尔德州立大学
  • 威廉 & 玛丽


  • 核心讲座课程-当今世界的问题:
    在这两周的跨学科课程中, we will examine several short 阅读s in contemporary culture that illustrate different issues under examination. 在这堂课的讲课部分, 学生将练习运用他们的批判性思维, 阅读, 写作, and notetaking skills introduced in their two other required courses: Executive Function and Study Skills and College Writing. 包括的一些主题可能是人工智能的使用(A).1)大学生, 多样性倡议和大学亚洲博彩平台排名实践, 或者社交媒体和企业责任, 举几个例子.

    执行能力 & 学习技巧:This course introduces the academic skills and habits essential for managing college-level courses. 学生将学习提高执行功能的策略, 批判阅读, 和做笔记. Students will also have the opportunity to directly apply the strategies learned in this class to other classes that are part of the overall 夏天 program.

    This series of workshops is designed to help students understand what college teachers expect in terms of 写作, give students an opportunity to practice several approaches to short 写作 assignments, 促进学生对写作结构和过程的理解. 学生将在生成方面练习写作过程策略, 组织, 总结, 分析, 合成, 起草, 和编辑. A major focus of the workshop is for students to develop and articulate an individual sense of their strengths and difficulties as writers and learners.